Bowling school

METRO-BOWLING, also has 10 leagues, from Monday to Friday. A league is a weekly team competition (outside school holidays) which allows you to play bowling with friends and to meet together at the end of the season (end of June) to award the winners with prizes. Whilst enjoying a meal offered by METRO-BOWLING. There are leagues for both beginners and experts and all are in the same ambiance. All the leagues gegin around the 15th of September.
Monday 18h30 : Beginners Leagues, 3 games

Monday 21h00 : Club B C L, open to everybody, teams of 2 people, 2 games

Tuesday 18h30 : Beginners Leagues, 3 games

Tuesday 20h30 : Association ANBL, open to everybody, teams of 2 people, 2 games, new members welcome.

Wenesday 18h30 : Leagues beginners of ABSL, teams of 2 people, 4 games

Wenesday 21h00 : Leagues of club ABCD, open to the members of FFSBQ, teams of 2 peoples, 3 games, new members welcome.

Thursday 18h30 : Leagues of ACBL. Reserved to entreprises, teams of 3 people, 3 games http/

Thursday 21h : Thursday Friends Leaque, Teams of 3 people, 3 games, Reserved to no-members
Metro Bowling - 17 Boulevard Victor Hugo 59000 Lille - tél 03 20 52 70 80
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